Central Scientific Research Design Institute for Modern Technologies in the Valve Engineering Industry (OOO TSNIPI STARK) was established in 2013 on the initiative of OOO Gusar, ZAO Konar, AO Ukaz.

The core activity of the Institute is developing new valve designs using innovative technology (surface hardening, profiling of valve flow channels, protective coatings, deposition welding, treatment of sealing surfaces) and innovative materials (steel and alloys with enhanced mechanical and corrosion properties, new sealing materials).

Main areas of activity of the Institute include:

  • Developing modern valve designs for thermal and nuclear power, oil and gas, trunk pipeline valves, petrochemical valves.
  • Launching new designs into mass production.
  • Designing and building individual process lines or entire plants
    for the manufacture of valves and actuators.
  • Providing comprehensive technical support and maintenance to all valves and actuators in operation at power plants.
  • Developing and implementing technologies for valve repairs and refurbishment.
  • Auditing valve compliance with applicable standards.
  • Assessing plant’s ability to produce valves on a consistent quality level.
  • Developing knowledge-based valve technology.

Institute employs experienced professionals in valve industry with from 10 to 40 years of industry experience. Team includes lead design engineers of Chekhov Power Engineering Plant, OAO Tyazhpromarmatura, Central Design and Technology Institute for Valve Engineering, ZAO Firma Soyuz-01.

Modern software – Solid Works, Solid Edge, Ansys, etc. – is used in design and analysis. Institute cooperates with leading science and technology research centers in Russia: GNC RF OAO NPO TSNIITMASH, FGBOU VPO NIU MEI.