Steam valve for PRDS

Purpose: valve is designed for use in PRDS for flow control with steam temperature and pressure reduction.

Steam valve for PRDS

Nominal diameter: DN1 80-250; DN2 100-1000.
Working pressure: 0.63-25.0 MPa.
Working temperature: -570˚C.


  • pressure-compensated valve. Rod force 3-4 times less than in analogues
  • is achieved by using the valve medium to heat the valve body, without any steam being discharged into the outlet pipe
  • operating modes:

– quick response mode – response time not more than 5 seconds
– control mode – response time up to 30 seconds

  • steady operation at 3% to 100% of rated capacity
  • valve leak tightness class – A, GOST R 54808-2011
  • improved vibroacoustic characteristics compared to analogues
  • service life up to 40 years
  • can be used as a replacement for PRDS by OAO CHZEM series 950; as a replacement for PRU by OAO CHZEM

Drive type: electric, hydraulic, pneumatic.