Interdisciplinary expert session (announcement)

October 14-15, 2014 Moscow will host interdisciplinary expert session “Future development directions in Russian valve engineering for oil and gas industries.”

Organizers: ZAO Industrial Forum together with OAO Moscow CKBA under the auspices of the Scientific and Industrial Association of Valve Engineering.

Venue: Levitan Hall, TGK Vega, Bldg. 3B, Izmailovskote sh. 71, Moscow.

OOO TSNIPI STARK’s representatives will be at the event, CEO S.A. Istomin, Candidate of Engineering, will make a presentation entitled “Overview and status of the relationships between manufacturers and customers in valve engineering”.

We invite to the interdisciplinary session representatives of manufacturers of pipeline valves and fittings, engineers of oil, gas and oil refining industries, logistics professionals, researchers.

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