Polzunov Research and Manufacturing Association for Power Engineering:

– has outstanding scientific and technological potential, including highly skilled team (85 doctors and candidates of science and 540 professionals), unique experimental facilities, including power plant and about 100 test stands;
– is the leading specialized organization for industrial safety of boilers, pressure vessels and piping, as well as analysis of the technological risks to life and health, and safety insurance in accordance with RTN rules;
– is an accredited base organization for standardization;
– is an umbrella organization responsible for extending the service life of thermal mechanical equipment at Leningrad NPP and similar functions at Kursk, Smolensk, Kola and Bilibino NPPs;

has following units:

– Test Center for Power Engineering;
– Research and Development Center for Safety and Service Life of RTN Sites;
– Research and Development Center for Reliability and Service Life of Thermal Mechanical Equipment in Nuclear Energy
– Laboratory certified as a nondestructive testing and diagnostics laboratory;
– Nondestructive Testing and Diagnostics Laboratory Certification Authority.

Conducts research, develops new, upgrades existing equipment of TPP, NPP, HPP, industrial and municipal energy sector, develops standards, regulatory and technical documents, conducts certification tests, is active in the field of industrial safety and service life, manufactures customized equipment.

Official website: www.ckti.ru

Area of cooperation: designing pipeline valves, testing prototypes of pipeline valves, etc.