ZAO PIK Energotrast

Joint stock company Industrial Investment Company Energotrast was founded by Centrenergo, part of RAO UES of Russia, in 1993 to develop and implement advanced technologies and equipment at energy, oil and gas projects.

The focus of the company’s activity is thermal mechanical equipment for the energy, chemical, oil and gas industries:

– Pumps
– Compressors
– Stop and control valves
– Pipelines
– Equipment and processes for the chemical treatment of water

With more than 10 years of market experience, ZAO PIK Energotrast is engaged in the following activities:

– Acting as prime contractor in complex brownfield reconstruction or upgrade projects;
– Implementing new energy-saving technologies;
– Supplying of equipment and spare parts by domestic and foreign manufacturers for reconstruction projects. Upgrading or replacing worn-out equipment.

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Area of cooperation: development, manufacture, supply and maintenance of pipeline valves and piping systems, analysis of technical policy, regulatory documentation, initial technical requirements for leading companies in energy sector of Russia, etc.