Roundtable on valves for the energy industry, May 27-28, Moscow

Program of the round table on valves for the energy industry

  • What are the development perspectives in Russia’s thermal and nuclear energy industries in the next 10 years?
  • What are the operating parameters of energy systems that will be supported in modern energy generation?
  • How will requirements to pipeline valves and fittings change against this background?
  • What innovative products does valve engineering offer to the energy industry today?

Answers to these and many other pressing issues concerning the development of valve engineering for the energy industry will be given at the Roundtable on valves for the energy industry that will take place in Moscow on May 27-28, 2014.

Target audience of the roundtable is top and mid-level industry professionals. It is expected that the meeting will be attended by professionals from design companies, engineering and technical personnel of thermal and nuclear power plants, logistics professionals from regional generating companies, Wholesale Generating Company, and Federal Power Grid Company, representatives of designers and manufacturers of pipe fittings and drives.

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